Technical Services

The Technical Services Department
Quality service, seven days a week!

Due to the ever-increasing demand for repairs of maintenance equipment, Distribution Sogitex created the Technical Service department in 1997. The technical team, at that time composed of only one technician, made do with the available resources so that Distribution Sogitex’s many customers did not have to send their maintenance equipment to the urban centres for repairs. However, as a result of the quality of the service and the subsequent steady growth in demand, the Technical Service team was increased to three technicians in 2001. The team was also constantly gaining experience and expertise; in addition to repairing maintenance equipment, the department provided maintenance and repairs on commercial dishwashers.

In 2006, with the technical team well established, Distribution Sogitex and its Technical Services department added sales and repairs of laundry equipment to its extensive list of products and services. However, this was still not enough for Distribution Sogitex! After Sogitex partnered with Équipement Rivard, which sells a broad range of food service equipment, the Technical Services department acquired Service Commercial Robert Deschesnes in 2010. This acquisition brought with it the expertise needed to offer repair services for food service and food storage equipment.

The Technical Services department at Distribution Sogitex is now a comprehensive repair and maintenance department offering a wide range of services:
  • Installation and repair of equipment
    • Food service (ovens, dishwashers, ranges, etc.)
    • Maintenance (floor polishers, vacuum cleaners, scrubber-dryers, etc.)
    • Laundry (washers, dryers, etc.)
    • Sanitation (soap dispensers, paper dispensers, etc.)
  • Sale of all parts related to the equipment listed above
  • Commercial dishwasher rental
  • Choisy inspection reports for dishwasher products

The Technical Services department now has a team of eight experienced and skilled technicians who provide emergency services 24/7!