Groupe Sogitex
A multiservice business group

In 1985, the Gaudet family founded Entretien Gaudet in Amos, offering residential, commercial and industrial cleaning and custodial maintenance services. After only a few months of the company’s existence, the family decided to expand their operations to the regional level, specifically to Val d'Or and La Sarre. Five years later, they acquired Nettoyeur Rouanda, a company in Rouyn-Noranda offering services in the same sector. Since that time, they have served the entire Abitibi-Témiscamingue region.

This acquisition also allowed the company to build additional expertise in related fields, such as post-disaster recovery (fires and floods), and carpet and rug cleaning. In the subsequent years, the company also developed expertise in cleaning ventilation ducts.

In 1994, all of these companies came together under the banner of Groupe Sogitex and formed a partnership with René Proulx to acquire a distributor of sanitation and cleaning products (Distribution Sogitex). What could be more logical for a company in the cleaning and sanitation field! To complete their range of cleaning expertise, the group acquired a dry cleaning and laundry company in 1997.

In 1998, on the strength of these acquisitions, the company formalized their mission of creating an integrated cleaning centre, where customers could find a full range of sanitation products and cleaning services. To develop the retail clientele, the concept of the ESTA store was born, offering personal care products, gourmet food products, decorative items, and kitchen accessories as well as all the other products and services offered by Groupe Sogitex.

Over the years, Groupe Sogitex has developed expertise in related areas, made further acquisitions and formed additional partnerships. Among other actions, Distribution Sogitex teamed up with Julie Laroche and Michel Daoust, owners of Centre d’hygiène des hautes Laurentides in Mont-Laurier, to distribute and sell sanitation and cleaning products and related equipment in the Upper Laurentians. The company's territory already covered the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, northern Quebec (including James Bay and Nunavik), Nunavut and northeastern Ontario, so the addition of this region significantly expanded the service area.

Similarly, in 1997, the Distribution Sogitex established a technical services team to handle inspections, maintenance and repair of commercial washing machines and dishwashers as well as various restaurant appliances. In 2009, Distribution Sogitex formed a partnership with Mélanie Roy of Équipement Rivard, a company that distributes and sells food service equipment and supplies for restaurants as well as institutional and residential clients. Équipement Rivard serves the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region and northeastern Ontario and adds to the range of products and expertise that Distribution Sogitex already provides to restaurants, both in terms of sanitation products and commercial dishwashers. Équipement Rivard’s experienced technical services team is a terrific added bonus. Forming this partnership was thus completely natural. The same can also be said for the acquisition, also in 2009, of Service Commercial Robert Deschesnes and the integration of that company’s staff of technicians into our service department

More recently, in 2010, integrated post-disaster services were brought to our region through the acquisition of facilities in Trécesson, which is now stocked with all the material and equipment needed to handle disaster clean-up operations. Finally, another partnership was formed very recently with David Mantha to create Nettoyeur Dumas. Mr. Mantha’s participation has improved our dry cleaning services by becoming a major collaborator who works in synergy and exchanges services with Nettoyeur Dallaire in Rouyn-Noranda.

This year, 2011, is off to an exciting start, as the three service units in Rouyn-Noranda, Val d'Or and Amos have been brought together into a single regional group that will be able to deliver all our services throughout the area even more efficiently.

With all these acquisitions and partnerships — and the combined expertise they represent — we can say we have accomplished our mission: Groupe Sogitex is now a multiservice business group offering the entire range of sanitation products and cleaning services, in addition to food service equipment, services and supplies, throughout the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, northern Quebec, Nunavut and northeastern Ontario.