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Groupe Sogitex
A group at your service!n groupe à votre service!

Groupe Sogitex was founded in 1985 to serve the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, northern Ontario and northern Quebec, and expanded to include the Upper Laurentians in 2006. Throughout this territory, Groupe Sogitex provides a full range of products and services for all cleaning and sanitation needs. We have a very simple mission: offer quality products and services at competitive prices while remaining at the forefront of the market. That is why Groupe Sogitex has promoted the use of environmentally-friendly products for many years.

With 250 employees, Groupe Sogitex is actively involved in the community. There is no doubt that the company, through its Distribution and Services divisions, plays an important role in the cleaning and custodial maintenance sectors.

In addition, as part of the Distribution division, Équipement Rivard distributes food service equipment and supplies for cafeterias and small restaurants, as well as for household use. For their part, Distribution Sogitex and the Centre d'Hygiène offer a wide range of sanitation products and maintenance equipment for all types of work to their industrial, commercial and residential customers.

Services Sogitex, as a member of Groupe Urgence Sinistre, also offers post-disaster cleaning services, in addition to providing commercial, industrial and institutional custodial maintenance services. Additionally, cleaning of air ducts, ventilation systems, carpets and furniture, as well as laundry services from Nettoyeur Dumas and Nettoyeur Dallaire, all fall within the purview of Services Sogitex.