Ventilation Systems

Services Sogitex
Specializing in air quality control

The Ventilation Systems and air duct cleaning department of Services Sogitex is highly focused on and specialized in controlling indoor air quality.

Our reputation for reliable service was built on the work of a team of skilled technicians. With years of experience using effective cleaning methods, the department now offers a wide range of services:
  • Detailed estimate specific to your needs.
  • Inspection and assessment of the condition of the ventilation system following a disaster, in response to complaints or as a preventive measure.
  • Preparation of a budget for cleaning all components of your facility’s ventilation system, including the order in which the various sections will be treated.
  • Thorough cleaning of ventilation systems, including decontamination, disinfection, odour neutralization and restoration of acoustic fibreglass.

Services Sogitex always strives to offer its clients more. Thanks to our Ventilation Systems cleaning team and our Custodial Maintenance and Special Services departments, we can handle all your maintenance needs with optimal results!