Custodial Maintenance and Special Services

Services Sogitex
High quality custodial maintenance and special services

Through its Custodial Maintenance and Special Services departments, Services Sogitex offers both janitorial services and heavy maintenance work for its industrial, commercial and institutional clients.

Custodial Maintenance
The teams in our custodial maintenance service are equipped to carry out janitorial work at your facility by cleaning and disinfecting from floor to ceiling, including the windows, both inside and out. Before submitting a bid, one of our agents will visit your facility to evaluate your specific needs, thus avoiding any surprises. The agent will then be able to provide an estimate that takes into account your requirements in terms of cleaning and frequency of disinfection. Our janitorial supervisors will in turn regularly review the work done by our custodial staff and in so doing will contact the client to ensure their complete satisfaction. Whether for offices, schools, stores, supermarkets or other facilities, Services Sogitex always offers quality services tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Special Services
The special services team offers special maintenance services such as heavy cleaning or intermittent maintenance in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region and northern Quebec. Before submitting a bid, one of our agents will visit the site to assess the specific needs of each client. Excellent service is available for fumigation treatments for odours, general disinfection, window washing at height, major clean-up during or after construction and renovations, or simply for the annual “spring cleaning” of your facility. Services Sogitex’s position as a market leader is due in part to the specialized equipment our teams have at their disposal — equipment that can handle any type of maintenance or disinfection work. The company has gained its reputation by providing reliable service to clients such as McDonald's, the Opinaca and XStrata Raglan mines, and the Abitibi-Témiscamingue school systems for the last 25 years.

As a market leader in custodial maintenance and special services, the partnership of Services Sogitex with Groupe Sogitex has many advantages. Partnering with Distribution Sogitex enables Services Sogitex to offer quality services using specialized maintenance equipment, and to do so at competitive rates due to the excellent prices for the cleaning products and equipment used by our teams.

Services Sogitex always strives to offer its clients more. Thanks to our Ventilation Systems cleaning team and our Custodial Maintenance and Special Services departments, we can handle all your maintenance needs with optimal results!