Maintenance, Ventilation and Special Services

Services Sogitex

We handle your maintenance and janitorial work from start to finish

Services Sogitex is directly complementary to Distribution Sogitex, offering maintenance services of all kinds for industrial, commercial and institutional clients.

The Custodial Maintenance department provides janitorial services for offices, schools, stores, supermarkets, and other facilities. In addition, the Special Services department is in charge of annual spring cleaning and special situations such as clean-up after construction or renovation work, and disinfection of facilities.

The Ventilation Systems team specializes in controlling the quality of the air in buildings by cleaning air ducts and ventilation systems. Their effective cleaning methods have earned a great reputation for the team among their numerous clients.

Services Sogitex always strives to offer its clients more. Thanks to our Ventilation Systems cleaning team and our Custodial Maintenance and Special Services departments, we can handle all your maintenance needs from start to finish!